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Our story

Web-IQ was founded in 2011 after encountering images of child sexual abuse during a routine crawl of the Web. Since then, we have been dedicated to investing our expertise and technology to combat child abuse and other serious crimes.

Web-IQ proudly serves as an active partner of the Virtual Global Taskforce, the international collaboration of Law Enforcement Agencies, non-government organisations and industry partners committed to protecting children from online and offline sexual exploitation. In addition to enhancing the detection of fraud, money laundering and other financial crimes, Web-IQ collaborates not only with the public sector, but also with the financial and insurance industry.

Our vision

We firmly believe that Law Enforcement Agencies should have access to the best online intelligence tools and data available to support them in their fight against serious crimes, thereby contributing to a better and safer world.

Executive Team

Eldert van Wijngaarden
CEO, Founder
Mathijs Homminga
CTO, Founder
Xabi Krant
Chief Data Officer
Simon Peterson
Chief Marketing & Sales
Maxime Jackson

Our mission and Values

Our mission is to promote justice, ensure citizens’ safety and safeguard data privacy. Our core values of respect for public safety, individual rights and personal privacy are reflected and promoted by our interactions with our colleagues, clients and business partners. We are deeply committed to our objective of making the world a better place and we carefully select our partners to ensure that our work is conducted lawfully and ethically.

We offer OSINT solutions to Law Enforcement Agencies, public services and compliance platforms worldwide, recognising the significant responsibility associated with safeguarding citizens’ privacy. This is why our solutions only use data and information that are publicly accessible. In addition, we conduct thorough due diligence before any engagement, adhering to ethical, moral and legal frameworks to ensure the protection of all involved parties.

Diversity and inclusion

At Web-IQ, diversity and inclusion is an opportunity for personal and professional development for our clients, as well as our current employees and future team members. We strongly believe in treating everyone with kindness, respect, and equality, regardless of their age, nationality, colour, gender, gender identity or gender expression, sexual orientation, race, religion, marital status, pregnancy status, or disability. Upholding diversity and inclusivity in our workplace is one of our core strengths, making Web-IQ a special and unique place to work!

We support equal career opportunities for everyone and our goal is to continuously establish an inclusive and motivating working environment where everyone feels empowered and supported to achieve success. Our vision is to inspire our team members and clients to get the best out of themselves, contributing to a better and safer world!

Awards and recognition

2017 was a year of extraordinary importance, because the Dutch Minister of Security and Justice honoured Web-IQ with the Mr. Gonsalves Award for our contribution to the fight against human trafficking though the use of our Voyager technology. It is worth-mentioned that part of Web-IQ revenues are donated to the fight against child abuse.

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