The most comprehensive Open Source Intelligence solution for Dark Web, Telegram, Discord and chan boards.

We have over a decade of experience in collecting and analysing Dark Web data for mission-critical scenarios in law enforcement, intelligence agencies, government organisations and threat intelligence companies.

Our customers use DarkCloud for:

Threat Intelligence

Scan the Dark Web for mentioning of key assets, buildings, infrastructure, brand names, key people and use the context for risk assessment.


Perform investigations on criminal networks, propaganda and disinformation campaigns, trading illicit goods and tracking down key actors.

Situational Awareness

Getting a 360-view of the situation for a specific location, event and/or topic, using the activities on the Dark Web.


Research into criminal phenomena and trends like insights in the distribution of new drugs, discovering new modi operandi of human traffickers and unraveling trends in AI generated CSAM.

The Dark Web

Out of sight of the general public and not found in Google, lies the Dark Web: a collection of networks that offer a form of anonymity and where hidden services, like communication channels, trading places, free havens and communities have emerged. Places where users can meet without having to reveal their identity.

It is no surprise that the Dark Web is attractive to criminals. We see forums where child sexual abuse material (CSAM) is shared on a large scale, marketplaces where weapons, drugs, leaked credentials and stolen personal information are traded, hacking communities that discuss the latest ransomware toolkits and extremism forums where the next terrorist attack is planned.

Creating a solid information position on the Dark Web is a challenge. Not only due to the anonymous nature of the underlaying networks (Darknets like Tor, Zeronet and I2P) and the level of operational security (OpSec) of some actors, but also because of the dynamics of the hidden services that are notoriously unstable and volatile, they move around to new locations and platforms, sometimes on a daily basis.

What’s more, the Dark Web is not an isolated part of the Web. It has its tentacles to other parts of the internet, for example: CSAM videos that are discussed on Dark Web forums, are hosted at clear web image hosting services, vendors that offer their drugs on Dark Web markets, advertise on Telegram and payments are made via the public Bitcoin blockchain.

Web-IQ created DarkCloud. The OSINT Solution for accessing and investigating Dark Web data safely and forensically.

Data sources

Tor Hidden Services

We have dedicated support for hundreds of market places, vendor shops and forums.
For CSE investigators we offer unique access to CSE related datasets, including data from Dark Web CSE forums and chat rooms, via our dedicated Child Protection solution ATLAS ->

Unique features

Full archive

Full access to our world-leading comprehensive historical Dark Web data archive, collected since 2016. Containing billions of entities across, tens of thousands of domains including sites that require logins.
Access to all captured sources, optionally with screenshots.

Cross-source insights

Highly structured and normalised data from all major Dark Web markets and forums. Which allows you to perform unparalleled cross-source investigations and generate better insights.

Full coverage

Ability to extend your coverage to environments like Telegram, Discord, chan boards and other related deep/clear Web sources.

CSE intelligence

Option and for LEA only: access to unique data from CSE forums, including live chat rooms and end-to-end encrypted messaging apps. See our Atlas Child Protection Solution ->

Dark Web Expertise

You are supported by our in-house DarkCloud experts that help you leaving no stone unturned and who monitor for new sources continuously.

Powered by Voyager

Work together with your team in the Voyager User Interface. Set up powerful alerts on e.g. vendor activity or keywords, collaborate on investigations and create insights with dashboards.
Access the Dark Web datasets using our powerful Search API and integrate the results in your own intelligence framework.
Use the unique translation feature to search and filter in more than hundred languages, including Chinese, Arabic and Russian (7% of the Dark Web data is in Russian).
Make use of Voyager’s vast collection of data enrichment and entity extraction modules to search within images and videos and explore extracted locations, bitcoin addresses, events, phone numbers, usernames.
Get deep insights and connect the dots using Voyager’s knowledge graph foundation technology.
Optionally setup data minimisation and data retention rules and audit trials to comply with your local legislation.

Get access

We offer DarkCloud via our Voyager OSINT platform, either as a cloud (DaaS/SaaS) solution or as a (hybrid) on-premises deployment. See also: Voyager OSINT Platform ->

Subscriptions include access to the Voyager User Interface for your team, professional support and API integration options.