The OSINT platform for mission-critical organisations in Law Enforcement and National Security

Web-IQ Voyager is an holistic OSINT platform that enables investigators, intelligence analysts and operators in the field to use historic and real-time information from online open sources for making faster and better decisions.
SaaS or on-premises
Voyager is available as a turnkey secure EU-resident SaaS solution, trusted by more than 100 organisations world-wide, or as an (hybrid) on-premises deployment for agencies that need to comply with additional regulations and require total control.
/ AI powered
/ ISO27001 certified
/ GDPR compliant
/ Forensically proven
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Core capabilities
Voyager is scalable, fast and can be targeted to specific patterns and topics. This allows operators to monitor for threats, events, evidence and subjects in large near real-time streams of online data. Ranging from Telegram channels and Social Media to chan boards and hidden chat rooms on the Darknet.
Voyager’s advanced filters and notification system automatically informs users when new relevant information has been discovered so they can act immediately.
Case study: Monitoring social video platforms for risk topics →
Investigation teams use Voyager to search, explore and triage online data, connect the dots and find the crucial missing clues for their investigations.
Voyager supports teams in their the daily OSINT tasks with powerful UI applications so they can can generate 360° views of entities, share insights, collaborate on evidence, investigate risk patterns using historical datasets and/or near realtime data collection, create dynamic dashboards, activity reports and data exports, including screenshots for evidentiary use.
Case Study: Discovering hidden connections on Darknet markets ->
In order to make the right strategic decisions, organisations need to see the bigger picture. Voyager supports users to create insightful dynamic dashboards that incorporate information from many different sources and provide new angles for taking the right next step.
Case Study: CSAM distribution in Europe ->
Visual Media Analytics
Analysts who need to understand and monitor vast amounts of visual data, can use Voyager’s advanced visual search capabilities that combine the latest AI models for semantic search and audio transcription with industry-standard (perceptual) hash, EXIF and OCR search to find crucial evidence quickly.The optimized User Interface allows investigators to  review images and videos and discover visual evidence quickly and efficiently.
Monitoring Telegram for visual content ->
Data sources
Tor Hidden Services, I2P, Zeronet, dedicated support for hundreds of market places, vendor shops and forums.Learn more about our Darknet Intelligence solution DarkCloud ->

For CSE investigators we offer unique access to CSE related datasets, including data from forums and chat rooms, via our dedicated Child Protection solution Atlas ->
Social Media
Monitoring and account discovery of all mainstream and many alternative emerging social media, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, X, Twitch, Gab and others.
Full support for messaging platforms like  Telegram and Discord.
Clear web
Out of the box support for millions of generic web sites and dedicated support for use case specific online environments, including all major Chan boards and  paste sites.
Custom sources
Voyager is extended with new online data sources every day.  
In addition, the platform can process non-OSINT data assets to create high-value interconnected intelligence for your organisation.
Privacy and Security
Voyager is designed to meet today’s privacy and security demands. Voyager offers a set of profound capabilities that allow customers to build secure, GDPR-compliant and privacy-aware OSINT use cases.
This includes data retention policy enforcement, granulated data collection controls to ensure data minimisation, multi factor authentication, multi-level encryption and precise access control.
To make sure customers can support their decisions with validated proof, Voyager has a build-in mechanisms for keeping track of the provenance and ensuring the authenticity and integrity of all information.
And more ...
Voyager supports from and to translations of online content of more than 100 languages.
Voyager’s data collection, online investigation and query capabilities are available via APIs so the power of OSINT can be seamlessly integrated with your existing systems.
Stay undetected
Support for proxies, VPN’s and anti-bot features.
Knowledge graph foundation
Voyager is built upon hyper-scalable graph technology that allows our users to query entities and relations across multiple datasets and different sources, to create insights and solve complex investigations.
Modular UI
The Voyager user application can be configured to meet the customers workflow and use cases.
Extendable Analyses
Voyager offers a platform for powerful data analysis modules, like advanced AI models for video analytics, image classification, translation services, large language model (LLM) based entity extraction and other plugins that can turn OSINT data into knowledge.  
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