Hash Check Service

Content Safety Solution from Europe

Keeping the internet a safe place

CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material) is distributed throughout the Internet.

Hosting companies are used to store this illegal content without being aware of it. Online platforms that facilitate their users to communicate and share content are also misused to share this horrific content.
Web-IQ believes preventing CSAM from being stored and shared prevents revictimisation the best way there is.

Therefore Web-IQ developed the Hash Check Service in close co-operation with OFFLIMITS. This service is already operational and performing billions of checks per year, preventing millions of CSAM  to be published, and hundreds of thousands of children being revictimized.

Hash Check Service is available for global use. It allows organisations to check their image and video inventory for the occurrence of known CSAM by easy to implement API. The HCS is funded by the Dutch government. Hosting companies in Europe can connect without costs, to keep their servers clean.

The HCS is also available for commercial content moderation companies at a cost-based pricing model.

Are you a hosting company that is interested in keeping CSAM out the door? Contact OffLimits for more information.
Are you offering commercial content moderation services and do you want to integrate a reliable CSAM check? Contact Web-IQ.