Monitoring social video platforms for risk topics

Today’s news is communicated rapidly via video platforms. Among entertainment and social sharing, event coverage happens in (near) real time, essentially providing eye witness accounts. Monitoring these platforms on risk topics will increase situational awareness and can help authorities detect escalating situations in time.


Scanning these platforms is not straightforward. There is no API and data is typically published in an unstructured manner. A key objective is to get a reliable view of the information with minimal latency to prevent the worse from happening.


Web-IQ’s keyword-driven approach makes it possible to interrogate a targeted data collection and if applicable, to save relevant data for further analysis using the Voyager Intelligence Platform. The speed and repeat frequency of this process is based on your use case.

Using Voyager provides you the additional power of advanced text analyses and AI-based analytics. Filter, connect or focus on images, videos or text. OCR, Semantic Media Search and automatic translation are all included.

A Web-IQ API is available for integrating this near real-time video data in your own platform.