Automated GDPR-compliant screening solution for organisations that need to support their risk assessments with the power of OSINT.

The Internet supports many analysts with the ability to screen companies and people to grant permits to start a business, assess (credit) risk or perform compliance investigations. Web-IQ Screening Intelligence tools automate this labour intensive discovery process.

Through our API’s and/or UI, an automated real-time online analysis  takes place by using the open web of news, media articles, online pages,  social media, customer reviews, images, underground markets &  forums and more.

How it works

The solution searches automatically and in real time with multiple optimised searches in all relevant areas of the internet. Through advanced filtering it reduces false positives and categorises all results in order to return specific, relevant and actionable information specific to any anti-fraud, risk or KYC process. In comparison with “mainstream adverse media suppliers”, who choose to have only a preselected volume of sources at their disposal, we offer substantially better coverage of news regarding local SMEs and their stakeholders.

Start using reliable data from the internet in a consistent, process  driven manner that fits your risk tolerance, while maximizing privacy of  your customers and applicants. Enable straight through processing for  benign applicants and focus on the cases that matter by determining your  own thresholds and triggers for alerting. Use Web-IQs screening  intelligence to minimize data collection, standardize processes, scope  borderless searches on the internet, remove blind spots and increase  efficiency.

use cases

Risk & Compliance screening for anti money laundering

Get the best of the Internet for your customer screening process, via our self-developed forensic technology. Web-IQ automates online searching in customer screening processes for high volume and in-depth online analysis to assess (credit) risks and facilitate risk-based thinking to stay compliant with European Anti-Money Laundering Directives. Our clients are active in accountancy, banking, debt collection, leasing, legal industry, notary and leasing.

"If Web-IQ does not give any results, then Beequip does not need to check further. Only a quarter of the applications are singled out based on negative reports and have to be examined, making our process much more efficient"

Jelle Hordijk
Compliance Officer
Beequip B.V.

Integrity scans for municipalities to grant permits and subsidies

The Bibob law in the Netherlands enables governmental bodies to prevent facilitation of criminal activities, by reviewing the application for permits, subsidies and real-estate transactions with local municipalities. This allows governmental bodies to deny applications or withdraw issued permits in case of serious threats. Using Web-IQ’s screening intelligence, analysts can wrap-up investigations on the internet in a consistent manner without bias and within 15 minutes; on average 5 times faster than manual searches.

Fraud investigations

Remove blind spots and uncover relations within any type of fraud investigation, whether it is for investigative journalism, insurance claim handling, cyber threat analysis or enhanced due diligence within banking. Run automated API checks for all cases with increased risk profiles or use our UI to do a deep-dive manually.

(Online) identity verification

Make informed decisions about the people and business you meet (online), by verifying their identity or enriching their profile with information that is found online.

(Pre-) Employment screening to hire trustworthy personnel

People are the fundament of any organization and we help you to select and retain valuable employees. Our automated screening intelligence enables holistic and global background checks with searches on  both the clearweb and underground markets.

Why choose Web-IQ for your screening processes?

Conveniently available

Real time internet intelligence for all cases with increased risk via our API’s or manual deep-dives via our UI.

Privacy first

GDPR-proof by minimizing data storage and maximizing privacy-by-design.

Optimized workflow

Filter, categorize and score results for process driven and risk based decision making.

Reveal insights

Uncover blind spots and present relevant results in an explicit way.

Time saving

Save time by straight-through processing for the benign majority and focus your precious time on the cases that matter.

Start using IRIS today

If any of the above-mentioned services fit your current company’s needs, please do not hesitate to contact us for further details and a demonstration.