OSINT for a better world

Advanced Open Source Intelligence Solutions for Law Enforcement and National Security

Intelligence Solutions

We are focused on providing reliable streams of structured, interconnected and actionable OSINT information from online sources. From mainstream Social Media to Chanboards, from Telegram to the darkest corners of the Darknet.

Our data and services are trusted by more than 100 law enforcement agencies, corporations and defense organizations in 40+ countries to strengthen their intelligence position, to provide their analyst teams with powerful investigative tools and to support their mission-critical operations with crucial insights.


Darknet Intelligence

Use real time datafeeds from all Darknet markets, forums and other hidden services. Make use of the historical interconnected data archive back to 2016, with over 500 million documents, including offline markets.


Child Protection Solution

The fight against Child Sexual Exploitation has our special attention. We offer the Child Protection Solution ATLAS to Law Enforcement and governmental organisations who need intelligence on the activity on Darknet CSE forums and related clear web environments.


Screening Intelligence

Verify the identity of your (potential) clients by using laser focused targeted online information and trustworthy advanced matching methods.

Check for risk signals based on tailor made taxonomies and validate PEP/sanction hits within seconds. Verified GDPR-proof.

The Voyager OSINT platform brings the power of online data to your organization.

The platform offers support for petabyte scale datasets, fully customisable analytics, on-demand data acquisition from online sources, API's for full integration, and powerful user interface applications for your teams to incorporate the intelligence in their daily work.

Security and privacy aspects are a core part of the design of the Web-IQ Intelligence Platform, to make sure that the usage is compliant with the demands from law enforcement agencies.

The Web-IQ Open Source Intelligence platform brings to power of online data to your organization.

For teams

Collaborate with co-workers on large scale investigations by sharing work and insights in your team.


All core functionality of our platform is available via APIs.

On-Premise or Online

Have the best OSINT platform on your premise or use it online and benefit from Web-IQ’s Data Operators and expertise.

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About us

We believe that Law Enforcement Agencies and Corporates should have the best online intelligence tools to be able to fight online child abuse, the trafficking of human beings and fraud.

We have over 25 years of experience in developing internet intelligence solutions for Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Government agencies from all over the world. We use our expertise to support our customers with combatting fraud and provide risk intelligence to financial institutions, insurance companies and other high-risk organisations.

Web-IQ partners with Law Enforcement Agencies and Corporates worldwide. In 5 continents and in more than 34 countries agencies use our services and technology to activate the Internet in order to make their part of the world a better place.