Web-IQ as a top supplier of hard-to-access data within the STARLIGHT project

At Web-IQ, we go beyond just contributing our time, skills and technology in the STARLIGHT project. We provide extensive and unique datasets, that are crucial for enhancing the work of our partners within the STARLIGHT project.

While STARLIGHT aims to develop AI tools to improve LEAs' work, the key to effective AI is access to high-quality data.

We are proud to stand out in the European market as a top supplier of hard-to-access data, enabling the creation of AI solutions that would otherwise be impossible. Follow STARLIGHT’s social media channels to learn more about our contributions and the impact we are making together.

STARLIGHT brings together LEAs, researchers, industry, and practitioners in the security ecosystem under a coordinated and strategic effort to bring AI into operational practices 👉https://www.starlight-h2020.eu/

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